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Automation uses automated control systems to control technological equipment in modern industrial production. It is a progressive and innovative solution in the field of industrial production. Automation of production systems helps to an efficient and controllable way of working.

Our company focuses on the complex delivery and installation of industrial control systems (Siemens – S7 1200, 400, 300, LOGO, Moeller), their visualization, measurement and regulation of electric drives, robotic workplaces for the development and production of single-purpose machines and related engineering activities.

Single-purpose machines and equipment

We develop and produce single-purpose machines and equipment according to the client’s specific requirements. We dispose of modern technologies and know-how, which enables us to design and build specific type of single-purpose machine for a specific use. These are mainly assembly lines, manipulators, conveyors and other machines.

Automatic or semi-automatic stations

Automation enables companies to increase their efficiency and production quality. In this area, we provide comprehensive services from the design to the implementation of automatic workstations that carry out individual work on their own. In addition to the automatic station, semi-automatic work lines can also be selected.

Conveyor systems and controlled assembly lines

We make transport and handling of goods and materials possible by means of individual types of conveyors. Controlled assembly lines are tailored to the customer.

Robotized workplaces

Using robotized workplaces can reduce production costs, increase efficiency and reduce time-consuming production. Robots are used in production for various types of operations. Our goal is to design an efficient and safe workplace to suit the customer’s needs. We supply robots of reputable manufacturers ABB, KUKA.

Remote management of machines and equipment

With state-of-the-art technology, our company offers customers the ability to continuously access remote automated devices at any time. Using the application, you can remotely control individual production machines and lines and perform remote maintenance of sub-installations.

Modernization of existing technologies

We also offer our clients a possibility to upgrade their existing production technologies according to any special requirements.

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