Heavy current

We provide all electrical installations both in the house and in production, industrial and commercial buildings.

Heavy current systems deal with energy use of electricity and ensure its supply to individual electrical appliances. Proper wiring is an essential part of building industrial or private buildings.

Our company therefore aims to create the safest and most effective backdrop for businesses or individuals. We provide all wiring not only in production, industrial, warehousing, agricultural and commercial buildings, but also residential electrical wiring, both classical and intelligent. We are also authorized to perform work even in potentially explosive environments. We provide comprehensive services from project documentation, installations, inspection reports to follow-up maintenance. Thanks to the continuous monitoring of new trends, we offer quality services in this area. The main goal is to find the ideal solution for specific client requirements to create a technologically modern and user-friendly environment.

Industrial wiring

We provide industrial electrical installations in storage, production, and administrative premises.
We offer services in the field of:

  • Cable distribution and cable routes
  • NN systems
  • Lighting of industrial and office spaces
  • Public lighting
  • Earthing and lightning conductors
  • Photovoltaic systems

Domestic wiring

We also deal with home electrical installations. It includes comprehensive service from project design and implementation to revision and post-warranty service.

  • Classical
  • Intelligent wiring
  • Residential houses
  • Earthing and lightning conductors

Measurement and regulation (MaR)

The measurement and control system is currently an essential part of modern buildings that aim to save energy. Measuring and control systems can monitor and optimize the cost or energy consumption of individual objects, minimizing service costs. It is possible to monitor and control air conditioning, heating, lighting and other technologies. Today, these modern systems are common in large commercial centers, hotels, industrial and other large buildings. This is why it is now commonplace to monitor and manage these sophisticated systems over the internet from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Control systems with control accessories are used to control technology, air conditioning, heating and cooling.

The goal is to reconcile the necessary functions of the different technologies into one unit so that everything works as optimally as possible. MaR ensures that it is prepared properly and at the right time, with an emphasis on reducing operating costs.

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