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Thanks to continuous monitoring of modern trends we are able to offer optimal solutions

Our company offers services in the field of low currentsystems, which have been constantly developing in recent years. The low current sector is mainly engaged in low-power electrical engineering. SafeMatic s.r.o. provides its clients with new trends in both main sectors of low current technology: the installation of security systems designed to protect clients and their assets, and electronic communication systems.

Security systems

SAS (security alarm systems)

The alarm, security and emergency system consists of components (switchboard, control and indicating devices, detectors and emergency detectors, alarm transmission equipment), which aim at ensuring comprehensive security of clients and protecting their assets. SAS monitors the designated area, evaluates the individual data, and, in case of danger, provides both acoustic and visual warnings and subsequent direct contact with security authorities.

  • Comprehensive security system
  • Early detection of unauthorized entry and other threats
  • Intelligent security system evaluating the severity of the threat
  • Send text message or call security authorities in case of danger

CCTV (camera systems)

A closed camera system is also used to secure individual rooms. Camera systems are composed of cameras themselves, hardware and software, possibly microphones and speakers. The individual recorded data is stored on a recording medium providing the clients all the data on their security – hard drives. Our company offers camera systems according to the specific requirements of individual clients

  • Keeping track of events at the risk points of an object
  • Store individual records on recording media
  • Real-time viewing
  • View a recording from your phone, tablet, or computer

ACS (acces control systems)

ACS provides access control to the selected object. Electronic input control is provided by a reading device, access security and control unit that registers all data and then sends them to the central repository. ACS also identifies people using biometric elements or an identification chip. Allows you to connect to a computer network and provides quick information on individual inputs and outputs from the object using camera systems. ACS can also be used for recording work attendance.

  • Controlling access of people to the object
  • Recording of work attendance
  • Identification of persons using biometric data
  • Storing recorded data

FAS (fire alarm systems)

An electronic fire safety device ensures reliable signaling of an impending fire in an object. Signals from detectors provide threat notification and then contact the fire protection unit via remote transponder.

  • Early detection and location of fire site
  • Control of connected fire equipment – stable fire extinguishing equipment
  • Invocation of Fire units in case of danger

ER (evacuation radio systems)

An important part of security is the sound system used as evacuation radio. Emergency sound systems provide information transmission and serve for controlled evacuation of persons in case of danger. The evacuation radio can also be connected with the electrical signaling system, which serves as an external source of radio startup.

  • Integration with other security systems
  • Independence in case of a power failure

Stable extinguishing equipment – gas

Stable fire extinguishers are specialized in extinguishing the fire in its initial phase. Together stored gas cylinders are triggered by means of the detection device to ensure the fire is extinguished in the affected area. Fire extinguishers can also be connected to fire and electrical security systems.

  • High fire-fighting efficiency
  • Ecological aspects of fire extinguishing equipment

Electronic communication

SC (Structured Cabling)

Structured cabling systems are used to create data networks. It can be used especially for computer network, data transfer and interconnection of individual devices within the local network. In addition to a computer and telephone network, structured cabling is also used for security devices and for the creation of a digital network of integrated services.

  • Flexibility
  • Supports transmission of digital and analog signals

Communal television antenna

A communal TV antenna provides TV signal distribution to a large number of subscribers in one complex. STA is mainly used for distribution of television signals in the case of apartment buildings or other accommodation systems.

  • High-quality digital signal
  • The cheapest solution for TV signal distribution

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